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Billing Policy

Host Your Site is the hosting branch of Enchanted Websites. Hence all references in our billing policy are to our company name, "Enchanted Websites", rather than "Host Your Site".


You will be sent an invoice to the mailing address that Enchanted Websites has on file for you. Payments are considered late 15 days from the date of the invoice. Please include your invoice number on your check. Please make checks payable to "Enchanted Websites" and mail payment to:

Enchanted Websites
9730 Soda Bay Rd. #8 PMB #5034
Kelseyville, CA 95451-9636

Disk Usage

If you exceed the allotted disk usage for your account, you will be billed at a rate of $1.00 per MB purchased in 5M increments. Your disk usage is calculated by the maximum amount of space you have used on any given day in a thirty day period or month. This is comparable to leasing commercial building space where you pay for the square footage you use for the entire term of the lease. Your disk usage is calculated based on several measurements every month at random times. Please remember that, if you have requested the generation of access logs for tracking traffic to your site, your log files count as disk usage and you should back them up or reset them regularly, especially if you have a high traffic site. Less than 1% of Enchanted Websites' customer base exceeds its disk space allocations. Most websites only require 5 to 7 MBs of disk space.

Billing Cycle

Enchanted Websites offers a quarterly (3-month) billing cycle to all customers for all hosting plan types. Hosting fees are payable in advance for each coming quarter.

Data Transfer

Enchanted Websites charges 7 per MB should you exceed your allotted data transfer. Enchanted Websites offers dedicated server packages for customers who require greater amounts of bandwidth. Only a handful of customers exceed Enchanted Websites' generous data transfer allocations.

Upgrade Policy

Grow your business and watch your profits expand as you take advantage of the increased capabilities offered by Enchanted Websites' upscaled solutions. If you upgrade, your next statement will reflect the difference between what you're currently paying and the fee for your new hosting plan. There is a 6-month hosting contract involved if you move up to a Business Plan 2 hosting package or higher.

Downgrade Policy

If you currently have a 6-month contract, you can downgrade your existing service and we'll waive the 6-month contract if your current Enchanted Websites hosting account is more than you need. However, Enchanted Websites will charge a set-up fee for establishing a new account. For instance, if you scale from a Business Plan 2 to a Business Plan 1, your invoice will show the current $80 fee plus a $55 set up charge for a Business Plan 1. The following month, your statement will reflect the Business Plan 1 rate of $40.

Collection Procedures

The majority of our customers are legitimate, honest and responsible business people. In order for us to provide the highest quality and most feature-packed services in the industry at the low prices that we do, we must maintain solvency. Managing our accounts receivable is an integral part of doing business successfully. If your account becomes overdue after the due date on the invoice the following will occur. You will receive a reminder via email and US mail that we have not received your payment. You will experience an interruption in service (FTP and HTTP services) if payment is not received within 3 days of your past due date. Your data will be removed from the servers and your account will be referred to our collection and legal departments if your account becomes more that 30 days past due. If you fail to pay for services rendered, we will report the delinquency to the credit bureau which will impact your credit rating. If we pursue a legal remedy and obtain a judgment against you, we will seek to enforce that judgment. If you pay and we receive a notice of returned payment for any reason to include insufficient funds and/or fraud, we will charge you a minimum service fee of $25. We will also charge you all associated costs to include attorney and collection fees.

Late Fee

In the event that your account is deactivated due to nonpayment, your payment must include the $25.00 late fee for your account(s) to be reactivated.

Cancellation Procedures

In order to protect your data, Enchanted Websites requires a signed document requesting cancellation of virtual server accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience, but experience has demonstrated that this is a necessary precaution to prevent erroneous deletion of data or malicious activity conducted against data. Please print, sign, and fax the document located here to cancel a virtual server account. An Enchanted Websites representative will contact you immediately. The cancellation request is only complete once Enchanted Websites receives the faxed form with your signature. Enchanted Websites will cancel your account effective the end of your current billing cycle and notify you of any outstanding balance. If you cancel prior to the end of your initial six month or any subsequent six month term, you must do so prior to the 5th day of the 1st month of the next term. For example, if your initial six month term ends on March 31st your cancellation will be valid as long as it is received prior to the 5th day (April 5th) of the following month, otherwise you have agreed to renew for a subsequent six month term and will be held accountable in accordance with the online agreement. Finally, while Enchanted Websites will refund your monthly fee if you cancel your account within the first 30 days, Enchanted Websites will not refund your set-up fee.

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