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Usually most of our clients host a primary domain name, In this case, basic hosting first requires setting up your domain name on our server.

Having your own domain name is highly recommended from an Internet marketing standpoint! But if, for some reason, you cannot afford the domain name set-up fee ($35) and the Internic registration fee ($70 for first 2 years), we can provide you with a web address of the form:

Basic hosting includes up to 15 MB of space. (Most websites use 5 MB or less.) Each extra MB of space required is billed at $1/month. We install a control panel to make administration easy: measure your disk usage, check common CGI script errors, and monitor your site traffic.

All monthly fees are payable in advance, three months at a time. All prices are subject to revision. Customers that sign up for our monthly hosting services read and sign our standard hosting agreement.



We are happy to do the Internic registration for you, for free. Also, transferring both your domain name and your site from another hosting server, is included for free, when necessary. Typically the only things that don't necessarily work upon transfer are CGI scripts. We can also provide you with an estimate for our getting your CGI scripts to work right on the new server.

Note: The cost is the same, regardless of whether the domain name is primary or secondary.

set-up fee)



At the request of our customers, we set up a simple tracking program that records key statistics involving visitors to their website. request. This is not an automatic service, because traffic log files take up a sizable amount of room, and we need our customers to understand this and agree to be responsible for the maintenence of these log files themselves. (Because log file sizes are counted as part of the space allocation, we advise our customers to download these files, and remove them from the web directory, as they will otherwise accumulate.)

free (by request)


In the typical case, typing a secondary domain name in lands you on the primary domain name's web page; in effect it is an alias. Common examples: Typing in and bring you to the same page as Occasionally clients will set up one distinct page (50KB or less in size). If more is required than one page, then another primary domain name is required, at the basic hosting rates.

Note: A secondary domain name requires the same set-up as a primary domain name.

$5/mo. extra


While many of our hosting customers are also design customers, many also make changes to their sites themselves (or with the assistance of another design company). FTP access to your website is what allows you to upload or download the files that correspond to your web pages.

included with
basic hosting


If you've 'surfed the net' you've no doubt used CGI scripts. (For example, all interactive forms use CGI scripts.) Our basic hosting accounts provide you with your own active cgi-bin directory where you can upload and execute scripts.

included with
basic hosting


Your ISP will already be providing you with a personal email account. So the typical purpose of an additional pop email account is if you find this an aid in distinguishing your personal and business email.

Pop email addresses have the form:

If your domain name is hosted by us as well, then we can set up whatever email aliases you would like, such as Through having both a pop email account and an email alias, and setting up your mail program correctly, you can send and receive email from an address such as

Pop email accounts include up to 5MB in mail storage space. Each extra MB of space required is billed at $1/month.

$5/month extra


Many of our clients like to restrict access to certain areas of their website. For example, restricting access to wholesale prices to wholesalers, or inside information to stock owners, distributors, or retailers, are some common purposes for creating password protected directories.

The password-protected directory described here provides protection with a single user id and password (for everyone). Let us know if you'd like something more sophisticated (e.g., individual accounts).

$15 each
set-up fee)


Email aliases forward email to an actual email account; they are not email accounts themselves. See" pop email accounts" above.

As part of basic hosting, we create a site-wide mail drop, that "catches" all mail sent to anybody at your domain name. So if your site-wide mail drop is "", your domain name is, and someone sends email to,, or, all that email will be automatically forwarded to "".

If you need certain email aliases to be directed to an address other than your site-wide mail drop, you can create them using your control panel.

"site-wide mail drop" included with basic hosting;

specific aliases are created by you through your control panel (at no charge)


Have all mail addressed to "" be cc:ed to everyone on your mailing list.

$15 each
set-up fee)


The primary purpose of domain name parking is simply to acquire the registration for a domain name.

A parked domain name has a fixed format "under construction" page. No customization of that page is possible. Associating a domain name with a custom-designed page (say, as a secondary domain name) requires domain name set-up and monthly hosting.

$15 each
set-up fee)


We are happy to register your domain name for you. Also, if you already are registered, and are transferring your domain name from another hosting server, we include transferring both your domain name and your site as part of our set-up process.

Typically the only things that don't necessarily work after such a transfer are CGI scripts (e.g., for e-commerce, information collection, guestbooks, discussion boards, etc.). We can provide you with an estimate for our getting your CGI scripts to work right on the new server.

Note: The cost of domain name set-up is the same, regardless of whether the domain name is primary or secondary.

set-up fee)



A vanity domain name (or subdomain name) is one that looks like or In other words, the usual "www" is replaced by a more meaningful word. This is useful when you want your site to cater to different interest groups, such as your distributors or your retailers; or when you want to separate out your site by function: general information ("www.") vs. shopping ("shop.").

set-up fee)


Monthly hosting of a vanity domain name includes up to 3MB of space. Each additional MB of space required is billed at $1/mo.

$15/mo. extra


The ability to set up and play RealAudio files comes with every hosting account.

included with
basic hosting


Auto responders are a very useful tool for distributing information to interested prospects. An auto responder is simply a program which instantly sends a pre-written message back to a person who sends an e-mail to a specified address.

$15 each
set-up fee)


If you'd like all mail addressed to your domain name to be processed by your own mail server, we set this up by making an MX (Mail eXchange) record change in the records for your domain name on our DNS (Domain Name System) server

*Note: We do not make A record additions or changes (even temporary ones), as these leave your domain name vulnerable to potential security breaches.

set-up fee)


In general, both for simplicity and cost, we recommend integrating a robust third-party e-commerce system with your website, rather than either using a free or low-cost software package, or creating your own package with the help of a secure certificate (see next service).

click here


If your company would like a personalized secure server ( or you need to run secure CGI scripts (like a shopping cart system) for your site, then you may want to consider purchasing your own Digital Certificate and secure server for a nominal fee. Enchanted Websites can assist you with the application process using the services of Thawte or Verisign. Please use this form to submit your request.

Thawte and Verisign provide Secure Certificates and the details are at:

Both certificates are supported on our server and are widely recognized by today's web browsers.

The steps to getting your own secure server are:

  • Obtain a Digital Secure Certificate from one of the agencies listed above.
  • Generate secure keys for the secure server software and certificate. We charge a $100 fee to generate the key for you if you require assistance. If you want to generate your own key you will need secure server software. The software we use is the Stronghold secure server, created by c2net (
  • Install the secure server software onto your virtual server. We charge a $100 installation setup fee to install the secure server software. There is an additional $20.00/mo. charge for using the secure server on your virtual server.

When Thawte and Verisign send you your Certificate Key you MUST submit it to us using our secure Certificate Key Submission Form.

secure certificate prices:

  • Verisign:
    $349 per year
  • Thawte:
    $100 per year


Want individual accounts for accessing your "members only" section? Need an e-commerce hook-up? Or a form that collects information into a "mailing list" database? Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

$75 / hour
Interested in a service not listed here? Let us know!

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